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Apple Music For Prison

In advance, Flo Milli was robbed out of my top artist. #appleforprison. My numero uno was Nicki Minaj, can say I’m surprised, I can’t name the music not bop and I listen to it over and over and over again. Aside from that, lyrically NOBODY is seeing Nicki right now, for example the Rake It Up Verse, when she rhyme Chyna with China it was literally a cultural reset, “brought out the pink Lamborghini just to race with chyna brought the wraith to China just to race in China”. Like WHO else would’ve thought of that??? Then there’s the Chiraq verse, imma link it because I can’t type most of that out and that song makes me wanna fight. Next up I had Ariana Grande, keep in mind she wasn’t on my list AT ALL until Positions came out, I was never a fan of her really but she just had songs I liked ya know? But I think the most recent album made me a fan although I was dissing it at first not gonna lie, it’s like the more I listened the better it gets. First I said I didn’t like it then I watched the interview and then I listened with headphones and I was like wow that’s good. Then I started going back and listening to her old music and albums and now she has 3 albums in my top 10 with Positions being my #1 album of 2020. The 34 + 35 remix came out and now a bunch of people are trying to slander the Nickiana (Nicki Minaj + Ariana Grande) collabs and are talking about how they aren’t a dynamic duo and none of their collabs were good like Bed, Side to Side, Bang Bang, and The Light Is Coming aren’t some of their most streamed songs, imma need them to log out for me. In my 3rd spot I have Megan Thee Stallion people hopped on Megs case for the 34 + 35 remix as well... y’all know I love me some Megan, but I definitely didn’t hear her on the song at first, I knew she would deliver but just not what I ordered. Then when I actually heard it I was like hold on, this good 👁👁 It’s been stuck in my head and I can’t get it out but, as always some people are doing the most over it like they weren’t SCREAMING Body less than 2 days ago. Pick a side, do you like Megan or not? Good News ended up being my 2nd album if 2020 and I found my name in her newspaper and I was SO excited. Now I’m gonna pretend SZA is my number 3, I love her SO much and her music makes me do the lil apple store lady dance. Ctrl will never not be a bop, and Go Gina reigns supreme. By the way, if you read this far I’m proud of you but nows the time to comment and get added to the mailing list for up to date info. Peace out homies.

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