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Day 1, but for real this time!

I was having a conversation with someone one afternoon and we ended up talking about how i've never been more aware of what's going on around me until we got out of school back in March. She then gave me the idea to start blogging about 1 new thing I learn every day and here's the first post. Today I learned about the new Snapchat update. Mine finally updated last night and I realized I couldn't do the slide anymore without opening the map. By the slide I mean read the message without actually opening it. Then this morning one of my friends was texting in the groupchat and I hit the slide somehow on accident and saw the message without opening it. At first I thought it was a miracle from God but it actually just being me holding down on her bitmoji and sliding the screen at the same time by accident. After going crazy over that for a little bit another friend texted me and said you can still do the slide if you hold down on the person's bitmoji which I had already figured out. I also figured out some information on mushrooms but more on that at a later date. I think I wanna grow a fall garden, not only does it sound fun, I could also put it on my portfolio. Something else I noticed was that I literally listen to the same songs every day, no matter how many times I reshuffle my playlist I always end up on the same songs somehow. This is all for now but if you haven't already go ahead and give the most recent podcast episode a listen! If you have any topic suggestions just click on over to the contact page, or you can just ya know, text me! I'm always open for ideas and suggestions. If you made it this far and you rekindled your childhood love of reading just go ahead and give this post a like or you can just comment what you thought! TTYL

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