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Episode 1 Summary: The Dirty Truth | Small Talk

In the first episode we kind of jump around a bit but our main talking points are mental health, the return to school. looking good with a mask, and a little bit of music. I really enjoyed this, I felt a lot more comfortable recording a Podcast than a YouTube video, probably because I didn't really have to have much of a plan. In addition, owning a website is really weird *Inserts dead emoji* I personally like it but it's just a really weird feeling for some reason. Like dang if I really type it really goes to MY website. I see this being very valuable on my of path to self discovery but we'll see. Anyways if you're reading this i'm really living in your mind rent free, feel free to humble me though. I'm gonna try to do as many Podcast as I can fit into a week alongside keeping my YouTube Channel Updated solely due to the fact that i'm in too deep to quit.

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