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I Remembered For Once

I didn't totally forget to type another blog post i've just been trying to find the time and today was it. I was scrolling through my computer and looking back on all of the projects I started at the beginning of quarantine. Yes, i'm talking about the podcast I abandoned and my Youtube channel I kinda neglected but on that note i've had a video recorded for like 2 weeks I need to edit. I really need to find a way to manage my time. Actually I need a new planner, I didn't buy one this year like I normally do. I realized when I typed my last blog post i've really been targeting the wrong platform. I have more fun typing these and just vibing to my music than I do doing anything else. I should really invest in a camera besides my GoPro because these things look really bland with no pictures. N E ways Good Days came out on Christmas and i've listened to it every day and it's bee stuck in my head aka i'm listening right now. I'm gonna check my apple music replay again probably later on tonight and make another video and most likely type another blog post. Me typing my plans is basically me speaking things into existence. By that I mean that maybe if I say it enough maybe i'll actually do it. I really really really should get back on the whole podcast thing too, not that I ever lost interest. I just lost my mic and recently found it again aside from that I could never really think of anything to talk about anyways and I never really wanted to just sit down and ramble, what's the point? I firmly believe that next year will be where the money resides and i'll get it together but we'll see. Dang, this is really giving me Gossip Girl vibes, later losers, Amare Out.

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