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Let's talk about Episode 2...

Just so i'm on the same page we all went through a teen writing stage right? Or at least has wanted to become a famous writer at some point? No? Just me... alright but anyway. In this episode I read one of the most cringe worthiest things of the century that just so happened to be written by myself for a 7th grade story project. The story in question? TRASH the commentary A1, like a felony. I really need to get back on my YouTube grind and it's on my agenda to become very consistent on all of my social media platforms ESPECIALLY my YouTube. I learned too much about video SEO and quitting would be me admitting it was all a waste of time which it wasn't. It kind of started the same way Podcast did, I got really bored one day and eventually just decided to step out of my comfort zone and decided to begin my journey. I've developed a habit of writing and doing other stuff in the middle of the night like I don't have school, lol.

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